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             November 20 is National Smoke Out Day. This is a day dedicated to persuade people to quit smoking. Tobacco products can cause many life long effects to the human body. National Smoke Out Day is a great way for people to learn about the many consequences of tobacco abuse. People that have this addiction find it very difficult to quit. Education, in the form of a national day, is one way of making the public aware of the many risks of tobacco and hopefully may help put an end to many bad habits. Health, oral hygiene, and exercise are some of the main reasons one should quit smoking, but a will to live life is reason enough to quit. .
             The majority of people who quit smoking do it for health reasons. Doctors say that smoking kills about 4.9 million people a year. Tobacco kills more Americans than AIDS, drugs, homicides, fires, and auto accidents combined. Tobacco companies are not required to include a list of ingredients on their packaging, but just a few of the hazardous substances found in cigarettes are cyanide, benzene, and the radioactive isotope Polonium-210 in cigarettes. In 1989, millions of cases of imported fruit were banned after a small amount of cyanide was found in just two grapes. There's thirty-three times more cyanide in a single cigarette than was found in those two grapes. In 1990, a tobacco company put together a plan to stop coroners from listing tobacco as a cause of death on death certificates. Cigarettes will eventually kill a third of the people who use them. The leading cause of these deaths is emphysema, heart disease, or worst of all lung cancer. Majority of people that have been diagnosed with emphysema and heart disease continue smoking despite the warning of death. Knowing some of the medical risks associated with cigarettes will hopefully allow tobacco users to have more respect for their bodies. Although smoking presents many dangers to our health, there are still other issues left to deal with.

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