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Why Teenagers Start Smoking

             I started smoking when I was thirteen years old. Based on my experience, I have come up with a few reasons why teenagers start smoking. The main reasons I have noticed in peer pressure and family influences. When you are young all you worry about is being popular and getting ok grades. Now days you have all these kids that think it is "cool" to smoke and you want to be considered "cool" too. So you smoke. Smoking then makes you feel "cool" and gives you this "bad kid look I can break the rules and do things I am not supposed to do image." .
             Another thing I have noticed sadly is that some parents allow their teenage children to smoke. I think that gives them the want to do it and then influence their friends to smoke too. As a parent, I would not allow my children to smoke underage, because I think it gives them not only the impression that they can smoke, but that it is okay to do what they want. I guess I am just a firm believer of respect and boundaries, and its sad that other parents are not because it is only hurting the child.
             I really wish I would have never started smoking and I wish kids would open there eyes and see their consquences (which they never do) and make decisions for themselves instead of what others want them to do. But I guess everyone has to learn their own way, even if it is the hard way or not the "right" way.

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