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Teenagers and Drugs

             Hey share the wealth, I need more alcohol." Teens today are having many problems dealing with drugs. Teenagers get influence by ads in magazines, ads on TV, people pressuring them, and from everyday life. Drugs and Alcohol does not help anything in the world. When teens are having problems, some of them do drugs or even drink alcohol to get rid of their problems, but that won't do any good it just causes more problems.
             There are many types of drugs that teens can use. For example, Marijuana, Ecstasy, Cocaine, Heroin, LSD, Speed, Morphine, Nicotine, and Tobacco. These are the most known drugs that Teenagers use. 1,000 teenage girls were surveyed from across the country and 100%; all of them said that they have used Marijuana. Then Ecstasy came in second with 25%. Problem with using drugs is that it just causes more problems to your life. Teens don't know that drugs won't solve any problems they have, it just messes it up more. Some of them don't even have problems; they just do it to be cool. Teenagers say that when you try it once, you just get hooked and can't seem to stop. Teenagers know that it's bad for them but they do it anyways, some teens are smart and know that being a "Pot-Head" is not a good idea. It's bad for your health and for your life; it will only bring more problems. .
             What really influences teens to do drugs? Why exactly do they do it? Well there are so many reasons why, because it's cool, it solves a problem they"re having, depression, to get high, everyone is doing it, and to escape reality. These are not brilliant ideas to start smoking. Now what influences them to do it? Well, they see their parents do it, friends, they see ads on T.V and magazines, and also, they see celebrities doing it. Some teens look at their favorite star and say that we want to be like them, and if we see them smoke or drink then we may want to do the same thing. .
             There are many types of drugs to smoke.

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