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             Do you want to die? Do you want your children to experience early deaths? These questions run through my mind every time I witness people puffing away on their cigarettes. It genuinely hurts me to see parents (like my father) smoking around their children. As if this isn't enough to promote smoking among the young, there are a number of other elements that encourage them to smoke. As one writer explains, "They've learned from movies and advertising that smoking makes them more mature and sophisticated" (Chen 29). They would look anything but sophisticated lying in the morgue with family and friends hovering over, grieving. This case is closed! The cause of death is lung cancer at age 35. Also, as another writer states, "Recently tobacco companies have found new ways to promote their products to youth. They support their sporting events and concerts, and even give them discounts on hip clothing" (Schwartz). We, the people, need to come up with a sensible solution on how to cut down on cigarette smoking amongst the young and old. .
             There are many sensible solutions that could be tried. We could always pass a law stating complete prohibition of tobacco products, but as we look back at the 18th Amendment, prohibition of alcohol, that may not be such a wise choice. Some may say that prohibition should be passed on tobacco products because they are un-nutritional. That statement is a farce! This couldn't be passed as a general rule because " there's absolutely no nutritional reason for adding salt to food, or consuming beer, whiskey, butter, potato chips, and candy- (Williams 35). My view is if prohibition were to pass, we should brace ourselves for a huge new generation of Al Capones. .
             This is why it is time to take the initiative to educate ourselves and the younger generation on the harmfulness of tobacco products. First of all, I think everyone has the common knowledge that "tobacco products are harmful"(Bowles 32).

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