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Smoking Addiction of Teenagers

             Do you smoke? Have you ever stopped to think about how smoking is affecting your body and your life? Many teens are aware that people who have smoked for awhile can get bad health effects, but many don't know about all of the bad things that smoking can to them right now. US News and World Reports (July 35, 1995) states, "From 1991 to 1994, smoking increased by 30% among eighth graders, 20% among 10th graders, and 12.5% among high school seniors." Now, let me tell you why teenagers smoking, and what are the effects to them, and how can they quit?.
             Why teenagers smoking? First, many teenagers like to try the new stuff that they never tried before. They want to know what does smoke taste like, and how it feels. Second, they learn it from their parents who smoke and want to give it a try. According to American Medical News, January 24, 1994, p. 11, one of four million adolescents who smoke, more than three-quarters come from homes where one or both parents also smoke. Also, many teens like the feeling that smoking gives them. This good feeling is from the nicotine in the cigarettes, and many teens feel like smoking gives them a sense of freedom and independence, and some smoke to feel more comfortable in social situations. Overall, those are the reasons why teenagers smoke.
             What are the effects of teenagers smoking? First of all, smoking can cause serious health problems. It can cause heart disease, high blood pressure, lung cancer and much more. Second, smoking can make them weak. According to Interventions for smokers (nd), p97, teenage smokers are more likely than nonsmokers to be socially precocious, rebellious, risk-takers, miss school, have low academic and career aspirations, and have low self-esteem and poor self-image. Also, smoking makes you smell bad, gives you wrinkles, stains your teeth, and gives you bad breath. As you can see, smoking can cause teens many health problems and make them weak.

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