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Haroun and The Sea of Stories

             In the book Haroun and The Sea of Stories, the major characters not only develop the book into what it is by the end, but they also have significance beyond the plot. Haroun, Rashid, Khattam-Shud, and Iff the water genie all have many levels too them. They all have great significance to the plot, but also teach, or show us things that Salman Rushdie wants us to see. So they are arguably the most important expression of the author, as opposed to the story itself. These characters can all teach us something, if we are willing to listen. This is not to undermine the importance of the plot and story themselves. It is a beautifull story, with very deep ideas thrown right at you where you needn't infer anything at all. But it works on so many levels, so it is necessary to read into the book, and characters beyond the basic story line. .
             Haroun is the most important character to both the basic plot, and the deeper levels of this book. He goes through many hardships and always comes out on top. It can be argued that this is due to his constant need to make others happy, Namely his father, Rashid. The reason that Haroun's journey to Kahani begins is because he wants to restore his fathers ability to tell stories because it is what makes Rashid happy. He makes countless sacrifices, and is perfectly content because he sees what he has accomplished to better the lives of those around him. Harouns significance to the storyline of the book is major. Haroun is undoubtedly the main character, and the source of much conflict throughout the story. It is because Haroun wakes up and sees Iff the genie standing in his bathroom that the adventure to Kahani begins. Haroun decides to go and restore his fathers subscription to the story water, instead of just going home, and in doing so he winds himself, and Rashid up in this mess with Khattam-Shud. Haroun helps the army of gup attack the Khattam, and his henchman.

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