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Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie

            The hero of the novel "Haroun and the Sea of Stories," by Salman Rushdie, is in fact Haroun himself. Haroun was driven to accomplish his heroic deeds through love for his father and his passion for the Ocean of Stories. Some of Haroun's major heroic actions are that he stands up to Khattam-Shud, he risks his life for his friends and for the Ocean of Stories, and he wishes for Kahaani to spin, thus bringing peace to the world of Kahaani. Haroun acts bravely throughout the story, and utilizes the traits that he and his father share in order to succeed in saving the Ocean of Stories and the people of Kahaani. Examples of Haroun's bravery and heroic deeds are illustrated throughout the novel.
             Even in the face of danger, Haroun stood up to Khattam-Shud's shadow and fought for what he believed in. Haroun, even though he may have been afraid, stayed strong and persevered to save the Ocean of Stories along with all of his friends. Haroun is standing for what he believes in and standing up to Khattam–Shud when he says, "But why do you hate stories so much?' Haroun blurted, feeling stunned. Stories are fun." (pg.161). This quote shows that Haroun doesn't fear Khattam-Shud and is willing to fight for his ideas no matter the situation. Haroun being willing to risk his life for his friends and to save the Ocean, easily shows his heroic nature. Haroun shows bravery by trying to do his part when he says to himself, "come on Haroun; it's your turn, and it's now or never.'" (pg.165). This quote shows that Haroun is prepared to act in order to save the Ocean and all of his friends. How Haroun acts in the presence of Khattam-Shud shows that even though he may be frightened he still remains strong and determined to defend. This shows Haroun's event in the novel illustrates Haroun's valor. Haroun standing up for what he believes is morally right even in the face of danger shows that he isn't afraid of Khattam-Shud and how insistent he is to save the Ocean of Stories.

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