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            Hammurabi's Code and its Influence on Mesopotamia.
             The Priest King Hammurabi, at one time claimed to have acted as "a real father figure to his people. established prosperity and [given] good government to the land" #. His historic Code, 3,600 cuneiform lines about two hundred and eighty two laws, indicates the basis for this claim. With a reoccurring theme of retaliation, it appears as one of the most insightful observations of Mesopotamian civilization. Through the Code of Hammurabi, accurate historic conclusions can be made about the people, their priorities and morals, as well as the severe divisions between class systems and sexes of this society. .
             Although, Columbia Encyclopedia says that "[Hammurabi's] Code [of Laws] is generally humanitarian", the revenge declared throughout the code, hint at a proud community that demanded compensation. Laws that deal with consumer protection imply that buildings are the responsibility of the builders. "If that building collapses and kills the owner, the builder is put to death."# Laziness was intolerable. Another law of Hammurabi's code states that if a farmer did not keep his irrigation in good repair, he could be sold into slavery and the profit would be divided amongst his community. Hammurabi's Code of Laws presents that the Sumerians were made to take great pride in their work. .
             Crimes, however (modern day) innocent, were met with harsh punishments and public shame. Banishment, being pitched into a river, public drowning and death recur as common penalties, frequently found throughout the code. The laws function literally on "Eye for an Eye". Justice was commonly served by mirroring the crime. .
             Justice in Hammurabi's code varied based on the defender/victim status. Clear class divisions were all but undetectable. The Ziggurat was the home of the gods and the center of Sumerian life and cities. Immediately circling the Ziggurat were the nobles.

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