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            What was the Code of Hammurabi, and what were its most attractive and least attractive features in your view?.
             Hammurabi was the king of Babylon. He constructed and enforced the Code of Hammurabi, which consisted of two hundred and eight two laws. He wanted to be known as, "The Kind of Justice," and attempted to do this by creating his own idea of fairness. Some of these codes are questionable where others make perfect sense.
             In one of these laws it states that slaves have no rights. Not only do they have any rights, but if a man whi is not a slave, inflicts pain on a slave, he is not reprimanded. Basically, Hammurabi viewed slaves as nobodys, yet they were the ones who helped build the temples and did other laborious tasks.
             The law that is agreeable is an eye for an eye. Hammurabi was attempting to eliminate violence. This law made his empire think twice before acting violently towards anyone. After they knew whatever pain they caused, they would suffer the same. .
             Although children should never strike their parents, Hammurabi went over the top with law number one-ninety five. It states that if a child strikes his or her parent their hand shall be cut off. This is a very severe form of punishment, although severity seemed to be Hammurabi's style. However severe his laws or codes were they helped make the foundation for others to come. Even though it would be years until we have what is known today as our justice system, some of our modern day laws reflect those of Hammurabi's, in a way he lives on.

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