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            Yet fire can be one of our deadliest enemies. It can mutilate us, kill us, and destroy in a few minutes what took a lifetime to build. Fire can take away our work places and our jobs. How can fires be stopped? The answer is control. But to control fires we must understand them and know how to deal with them.
             The video "Fire Behavior" showed us a true calamity at first. The unexpected fire happened on a stadium when a football game was playing. The fire were spreading rapidly, however, none of the football fans leaved the stadium. No one could see the dangers; they want to continue to watch the football game. They didn't know what's going to develop, and they just keep the normal activities. For most people include me, although we understand the elements of the fire, we won't wake up immediately when fire start, because this kind of things are happened infrequently for most people after all. However, the fire experiment at the second part of the video really surprised me. The living room caught on fire just in 3 minutes! Thus, if the fire start in the midnight when we already fall in sleep, we have to wake up, put on the clothes beside you and think about if we should fight the fire or escape in this 3 minutes! .
             At this 3 do-or-die minutes, we have to remember -- fire spreads quickly. If you cannot extinguish it in 30 seconds, get yourself out. Confine the fire by closing all doors around the house, if a fire occurs this will slow down its spread. Since fire is a common potential hazard that one might face, it is important to be prepared and to know how to deal with a fire emergency. Fire extinguishers are a first line of defense, but only if used properly, and under the right conditions. For fires involving flammable liquids, never use a water extinguisher, which works by using the cooling effect of water, to reduce the heat from combustion to below its ignition temperature. Applying water to very hot liquids can result in a violent reaction as the water turns to steam causing the burning liquid to froth and boil over spreading the fire in all directions.

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