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Fire Department Hiring Process

            The Bakersfield Fire Department has a lot of history behind and has been around for over one hundred years. I decided to write on the Bakersfield Fire Department because this is the department that I would like to work for one day.
             The hiring for the Bakersfield Fire Department is a little harder than a lot of others in the state of California. Before you can even apply you must go through what we call a firefighter 1 academy. This academy is held at the Olive Drive training facility. In order to get into the Olive Drive training facility you must first complete an application that will include the following: .
             Completed application.
             3 letters of recommendation.
             Only the first 50 applicants will receive an oral interview and be allowed .
             to complete a time-allotted physical agility test. The top 30 applicants .
             must successfully complete a physical examination before being allowed .
             to attend the Firefighter I Academy. The Olive Drive training facility conducts an academy every January.
             Only the first 50 applicants will be accepted to take the oral interview and take a time allotted physical agility test. Then the top 30 applicants will be given a physical examination before they are accepted to the academy. After you complete the academy you have one year to complete the EMT 1 course, although most of the people who make it into the academy have already taken their EMT 1 class. To receive State Firefighter I certification, you must have attended a Firefighter I Academy and either be a Reserve Firefighter or volunteer firefighter for 12 months or a paid seasonal firefighter for six months. After you finish the academy you have the choice to become a reserve firefighter. The requirements are listed below. .
             The Bakersfield Fire Department's Reserve Program consists of a minimum or 30 Reserve Firefighters. To become a Bakersfield Fire Department Reserve Firefighter, you must have completed a Firefighter I Academy prior to submitting an application.

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