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Hallowen vs. Day of the Dead

            The Day of the Dead is a holiday that focuses on the religious and spiritual consequences of death, which sets it apart from Halloween. There is an emphasis on remembering dead relatives and friends, giving them offerings, and praying for their safe passage to heaven. Day of the Dead deals with accepting the deaths of family members and helping them get to the other side, a more religious focus than what Halloween has. .
             Halloween didn't become popular in America until the 19th century and, because of this it doesn't have traditions as deep as those of Day of the Dead. Halloween parties became popular. Tissue paper companies caught on to this trend and made paper decorations. From there, Halloween became more and more commercial and less about the spiritual, religious, and personal effects of death. .
             Halloween changed from its origin's intent because Americans have a hard time accepting and facing their own death. Death is a subject which could be considered don't ask, don't tell. One of the main differences between Day of the Dead and Halloween is that, during Day of the Dead, specific people are remembered. In this way, the dead are once again members of a group and a family and remain a part of the living world. During Halloween, however, there are no specific people remembered, only make-believe monsters. Also, Americans have put aside the religious holidays of All Saints Day and All Souls Day and celebrate only Halloween. .
             In conclusion Halloween and The Day of the Dead may be similar in some aspects. They are very different on their views on death. While people who celebrate Halloween fear death, the people who celebrate The Day of the Dead rejoice over it.

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