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Dead Poets Society And How It Displays

            Dead Poets Society and How It Displays.
             There are many times in the movie Dead Poets Society where transcendentalism is displayed but I am just going to discuss a few of them and transcendentalism in general. The movie Dead Poets Society is a very powerful and touching movie about a group of boys at a prep school (Welton) and the problems they are faced with and how to find themselves through their new English teacher John Keating played by Robin Williams. Transcendentalism is defined by nature and individualism, which are very noticeably displayed through out the movie. In this essay I am going to discuss a few of the times that transcendentalism is displayed in this movie. .
             First, the opening of the movie proved to be a contrast with transcendentalism. When the boys all pass the light of knowledge at the beginning of the movie, this reminded me of individualism because even thought they are all as one, they each have their own individual light. They speak of the four pillars, which are tradition, honor, discipline and excellence. These are the guidelines or rules the boys must live by, just like a transcendentalist must follow certain rules to live by. .
             Second, the first time that the boys meet John Keating is a very powerful scene. He teaches them "Carpe Diem" or seize the day. You cant just let life pass you buy, you have to jump in and be a part of life, change it and change with it. He teaches them to be individuals and find their own identity. Like transcendentalism the idea of it is to be an individual over society. Not to just go with the flow, but to change the flow. Romance, beauty and love keep us alive, so we must think and live along the lines of being free, and consider the different. .
             Last, when the boys finally discover what the dead poets society was, they decide to keep it alive by sneaking out one night and going to the cave where their teacher once held meetings of the dead poets society.

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