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Scrutiny-The Dead Poets Society

             Everyone lives in a controlled society of one sort or another whether it's obvious or not. Laws, peer pressure, expectations of the general public and public scrutiny are some of the things that provide control within the subsets of society. It is only by understanding what unique controls these subsets impose that we understand the behavioral expectations of our individual societies, countries, cities, neighborhoods, homes, schools or work places. In finding acceptable ways to express our freedoms, we must first understand what the rules or expectations are and how they are to be respected. There are many ways that individuals can express freedom, or individualism within the different levels of their society. Societies of all levels dictate their variations of controls. Once we understand those parameters, we as individuals can make choices as to the level of freedom we wish to express. .
             There are parallels that can be drawn between Wilton Academy and high schools as we know them to be. A dress code is directly symbolic of the conformity the school is forcing the students to obtain, however public high schools also have a dress code. Sometimes dress codes are openly published. They may forbid inappropriate dress or displaying offensive text. Unofficial but clearly understood dress codes exist within the student body as well. The manner in which students dress clearly indicates social belonging. Non-conformity from one group is easily discerned. In formal uniform schools, such as Wilton Academy, non-conformity can be expressed by how the uniform is worn or displayed. A loose tie knot, or un-tucked shirt or slightly different hairstyles can become symbols of individualism. Those who choose to dress or present their uniform differently are scrutinized in one form or another for stepping out and being different. .
             In societies, freedoms are always expressed through one form or another, however some are looked upon as more morally correct.

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