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Dead poets society

             Few people in society stand out as being unique. Few people fail to reach out and touch people whether it be directly or indirectly. In the story Dead Poets Society by N.H. Kleinbaum, the character of Mr. Keating inspires people to want and expect great things from themselves. .
             The feelings that result from the book can be described as going from good to bad to good again. In the beginning, as the boys are newly discovering themselves as aspiring professionals at the Welton Academy. Each one is away from home, once again and having to readjust to their surroundings. .
             There is one boy that stands out, Todd. He is very quiet and seems like the outcast type. This makes one feel as if something was wrong with Todd, almost as if he had been abused or something of the sort some time in his past. .
             Through the help of his friends, the Dead Poets Society, and Mr. Keating, Todd's spirits begin to rise and he becomes a "normal" individual. Mr. Keating's teachings of Carpe Diem and poetry and his unusual teachings styles inspired the boys to lead extraordinary lives. They were directed to do the things that they wanted to do, and not what there parents thought that they were destined to do.
             Take Neil, for example. He wanted to act. So, he tried out for A Midsummer's Night's Dream and got one of the lead roles. He loved it. Mr. Keading and his fellow members of the Dead Poets Society encouraged him greatly. The entire bit makes the reader feel content and happy with the lives of the boys. That is, until Neil's father shoots down his dreams of being an actor. His father wants him and insists that Neal become a doctor, and nothing different. That is very upsetting. Neal thought so too, and he decided to end his life.
             Neil ended his life, a very sad situation. To make things worse, the school administration forced the blame on Mr. Keading, saying that his teachings directly resulted in Neal's death.

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