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Social Behavior

            Every human being on the earth can't live without thinking. Even when we are alone or isolated, we still think about other people, we wonder who, what and where they are. We are talking about social behavior and social thought. By this terms, social psychologists mean interaction between social groups: children, adults, women, blacks and so on. Nobody can't even count how much time we spend thinking about and interacting with others. .
             There are varieties of ways to explain the reasons of such thoughts, to understand the causes of other's behavior. In psychology, it's called attribution - a process through which we seek to determine the causes behind other's behavior.1 In most of the cases, we tend to think that others behave they way they do because it's their nature, rather than it's environment or situation that can affect their behavior.
             Very often such kinds of judgments lead to prejudice and discrimination between social groups. We tend to evaluate people's behavior positively or negatively, we tend to treat them looking at their physical and social characteristics. Where social groups are, there always will be present these phenomenon because society can't exist without them. Very big role here plays a stereotype, which serves as a bounding link between social groups. .
             In the process of living, we don't just think and interact, we also influence and change other's behavior. Psychologists have identified such important forms of influence as conformity. In changing other's behavior, it's noteworthy to mention such processes as social facilitation and inhibition where it's vividly seen how our behaviors are changed or how we try to leave positive or negative impressions on others. .
             In order to clearly understand what's social behavior and social thought, its variety of processes, it's essential to apply given knowledge into practice and see a concrete outcome. I made a study on this topic, and as a target group I took 25 students of AUCA who have studied in the USA through exchange programs.

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