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the death penalty

             This paper is written to compare and contrast four different essays on the death penalty. Each writer argues his point in either agreement or disagreement with the death penalty. Vital evidence is given to the audience on their perspective of the death penalty. I contend that the death penalty despite its flaws should remain in place because, there has to be some form of deterrence to combat complete lawlessness. We begin this essay by analyzing four opinions, then comparing and contrasting those opinions and finally concluding and sharing some personal feeling on the subject.
             Mr. Mencken essay " The Unquiet Death of Robert Harris, is presented to his audience with stern convection. Mr. Mencken uses a rational approach with a little bit of reasoning to persuade people to favor the death penalty. Although Mr. Mencken does not provide any statistical data, his statements are used as evidence. However his opponents (abolitionists) argue that the hanging of a man is demoralizing to the one administrating it and disgusting to those who witness it. Unfortunately, Mr. Mencken throws his audience for a loop by shifting from rational to reasonable by suggesting that convicted criminal wait to long to be executed.
             In the next essay written by Mr. Michael Kroll entitled "The Penalty of Death", Mr. Kroll uses an emotional appeal in conveying his opinion on the death penalty. He gives his audience a sense of being in favor of the death penalty, but against the way in which it is carried out. He confesses later in the essay that he feels somewhat ashamed for being in favor of the death penalty. In the essay he gives you the cold and uncaring attitude of the victim families, as well as the reporters who are all in attendance to witness a execution. Mr. Kroll charges that turning death into a public spectacle is barbarous Kroll Nevertheless, people still tend to vex over the condemned or punished.

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