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Truman Capote

             Truman Capote was an influential writer who was born in 1924 and went on to become one of the most loved and hated authors of the 20th century. Capote wrote many novels and some praised him, while others detested him for his brilliant, yet often dark works. He was an innovative writer, who, compelled by the hardships and criticism of his adolescence, wrote in order to become accepted by a society overflowing with dislike towards different lifestyles. .
             The author we know as Truman Capote, was born Truman Steckfus Persons on November 13, 1924, in New Orleans, Louisiana, and was the son of Archie and Lillie May Persons. When Truman was four, his parents separated. When they divorced, his mother, who was a former Miss Alabama, deemed herself unable to be a solitary mother, thus she sent Capote off to temporarily reside with his relatives in Monroeville, Alabama.
             In Monroeville, Truman had few friends. However, one of the few acquaintances he did have was Harper Lee, a young girl who lived next-door. She grew up to become a brilliant woman and became famous for her work To Kill a Mockingbird. Critics say that Lee based the character of Dill, an extremely imaginative young boy on Capote. In Discovering Biography, Capote says, "(As a child) I was very insecure and lonely. I was an only child, very sensitive, intelligent, with no sense of being particularly wanted by anyone it was just total emotional neglect. I never felt I belonged anywhere. All my family thought that there was something wrong with me. I started writing when I was eight, out of the blue, uninspired by any example. I'd never known anyone who wrote; indeed I knew few who read-.
             Capote went on to state in Music for Chameleons, "As certain young people practice piano four or five hours a day, so I played with my papers and pens. Yet I never discussed my writing with anyone; if some one asked me what I was doing I would tell them I was doing school homework.

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