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            Just to be honest I did arrived to our my first lecture a bit tipsy after taking my "little brother" who turned 21 on April 2, 2003 to a local bar. I apologized if I was a bit loud in class but it helped me open-up a bit (alcohol courage as some may refer to it) in class that day. I was surprised when we did both class activities because both have similarities to other activities for University 101 and/or other leadership groups that I am a part of but without the words that was used in class (such as Vulva, Homosexual, Sexual Intercourse, etc ). These words have never been acceptable to use in my parent's household therefore when asked if which is appropriate to talk to those who are either younger and/or older, the only acceptable word is "buttocks" for anything would just be unacceptable. Another interesting fact that was brought up in class was that the different slang that the majority of the students jotted down seems more aggressive and more negative than comparing to other western society. One way to look at it, being with Americans these words (Fuck, cunt, buttocks, whacking off, etc ) seems to be very acceptable and in fact used on a daily basis when comparing to the Southeast Asian Society these words are rarely use and their slang words are often very polite. For example, my parents and their friends were having a conversation that involve sex but instead of saying intercourse, fuck, making love, etc they instead use the word "dance on the bed" which I thought was hilarious and weird. I wanted to ask them why but because of the cultural difference between my parents and I, it was difficult or disrespectful even to bring it up. .
             The other exercise that allowed us to interact and get to know one another was also quite interesting. Some of the questions were quite a bit hard to find some one to get a signature for, such as "knowing someone who died of aids" and "someone who's a feminist.

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