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diffrence within pyschology

            hDifference between person centred and psychodynmanic counseling .
             This assignment will set out to compare person centered counseling and psychodynamic counseling. The two theories will be examined in comparison with each other and its different approaches to client work. .
             It seems that love him or loath him Freud's theory is the basis which all modern day theories are built on. Psychodynamics is believed to have strong association with Freudian psychoanalysis, Although modified by some, the key concepts still remain, Freud believed that human behavior was determined by the unconscious , biological and instinctual drives and placed a lot of the importance of the first six years of human development. He stated that in order to move on , a person had to confront what was going on in their unconscious. He was the pioneer of psychodynamic, and the fundamental notion was that individuals are the way they are due to the forces of the unconscious. This is further supported by Burnard who wrote:.
             Essential to the approach is the notions that people are , to a greater or lesser extent, affected by the unconscious motives and drives. .
             However his approach was further challenged in the 1940's and 1950's by a new movement, the humanistic counseling, believing the individual were able to determine and be responsible for their own state of mind and not the as the psychodynamic put forward the unconscious forces of the mind. Its was from this very school of thought that emerged the person centered counseling developed by Carl Rogers. The aim of person centered counseling is the belief that the individual's capacity to work through their problems without directional work from the counselor. Corey also backed up and stated :.
             Roger's basic assumptions are that people are essentially trustworthy, that they have a vast potential for understanding themselves and resolving their own problems without direct intervention on the therapist's part .

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