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i cant decid

            I am somewhat undecided about whether or not I liked the movie or play better. For me I usually like to read more then watch TV but I think that the director of the movie did a really nice job of sticking to the same story line as the play so there isn't much of a difference between the two. I think we can visually see better in the movie how much of a rotten liar Abby is along with all the other girls and I think this draws us into it and makes it a little more personal because we actually see the effects of their lies. Plus I think the movie helps keep all the characters straight, where as its a little more confusing when reading the play to remember who was who and who did what to someone else. .
             am not like sarah at all, I am fully decided that I like the movie much better. Im not sure why, but I think its becasue I would rather watch a movie than read a book. But also when your watching a movie you get the full affect and are able to see the little details that might have been missed when written out. I do agree with .
             Sarah though, that when your watching a movie that its easier to remember who is who becasue you are able to put a face/ body description with a name. think that the movie was much easier to comprehend and understand. It opened many doors to me that I didn't understood in the book. I truley like the movie alot and an enjoyed it. I notice alot of similarities in the book and movie but yet there were the occasional diffrences that I did like better in the movie than in the book.

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