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Concepts of Class in As I Lay Dying

            The main interest Iv'e had with this class is the behavior of someone inside a particular class. How they act different or others look differently upon them just based on their social class. In this semester though we've only gotten brief glimpses into the lives of different people so we never really saw this on a large scale. That was until reading As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner. The story of the Bundrens really displays the affects of a social class on a large scale. Not only showing their actions but also their emotions and beliefs that are all based on the social class they come from. As it regards to the Bundrens, if one trait could be aspired to the entire Bundren family it would be that they are poor. Despite all their differences individually, as a collective they are poor. Although this common trait is materialistic it somehow controls the family physically all in a similar manner. The actions of the Bundren family is a direction causation of their social class. The negativity and bad decisions that surrounds the family through their journey causation can all be lead back to their social class. Also their beliefs are also based upon their social class.
             The desires of the family also seem to be because of their class. Anse wants new teeth to improve his social standing while Dewey wants an abortion so she isn't stuck in her class, In Class by Paul Fussell he talks about how you look and what possessions you own help define your class status. He mentions when talking about proles that "They like showing off their pretty dentures.and are busy effusing a defensive optimism much of the time. " (51). The quote is showing how lower classes would be more prone to show off what their material possessions. Sure enough when Anse gets his teeth the first thing he does is smile and show them off to everyone. .
             As for Dewey wanting to get an abortion there's no clear reason only speculation.

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