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I versus You

            In my life, conflicts are a common thing. More often than not they are with my mother. My mother and I are very alike in many ways, which is one of the reasons we constantly argue. Back in the day, when I was younger, we used to fight about valid things. Fighting with my brother, not taking the dog out and not listening were some of the more common conflicts in my pre-college life. However, since i have moved out and started life on my own, my mother and I can't argue about things like we used too. More often than not we find ourselves bickering about more obscure things. It is at about the point now that we just argue for fun rather than for real reasons, well at least thats the way I see it. My mother, on the other hand, belives that every little thing I do wrong will somehow cataclismicly destroy my future. I cant blame her for caring so much, but her constant lust for arguing has made me very aware of her style. When I went home for the weekend, my mother and I, had an argument. My mom forgot about one of my shirts that a blazing hot iron was sitting on, for roughly 15 minutes. Normally my mother would turn something like that around on me. "You should do your own laundry" sounds like something she would say to this. However instead of blowing up and getting all pissed, I simply started the I, instead of you treatment. It worked out well, because instead of me getting all accusitory I just replaced the word you, with I. Normally when we argue it gets really pretty grusome, but this time it really didnt. It started out rough, but then ended up with us both laughing at each other just because I wasnt acusing her of burning the shirt. I simply told her that it isn't something i would do. I know she didnt burn my shirt on purpose, but none the less I did come back to school with a missing shirt.

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