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Human Nature

             I believe human nature consists of how a person would react in certain situations. For instance, if someone jumps out at you, it is natural that you would defend yourself or be afraid. Another example is if you were stranded on an island its human nature for you to attempt to build shelter or search for food. You might think that different people from different places around the world show different signs of human nature but in reality they are very similar.
             In the first film we watched, The Lord of the Flies, the boys showed distinct characteristics of human nature. The boys were put into a situation where they had to use their human instincts and human nature to survive. They built a camp, built shelter, gathered food, built a fire, and set up a form of government. Of course not everything goes as planned. It was human nature for the boy to try everything that they could think of to survive by themselves. Even though most of the boy revolted against the leader Ralph I still think that that was also in their nature. Jack and his tribe did not like the way things were going with Ralph so they stood up for themselves and revolted against him. I think it was in Ralph's nature to become leader and try everything he could to help the other to survive when he set up camp and set the fire for the rescue crew to see. Jack on the other hand just wanted to have fun and goof off. Although they had two different natural reactions to this situation I believe without one the other wouldn"t have lasted much longer. Though in the end everything turned out for the worse I believe if they just worked together things would have lasted longer.
             The second film was quite different though. The Pygmy tribe lived in a tropical forests of Central Africa. The human nature of a Pygmy is different then the nature of the boys on the island yet in a way very similar. The Pygmy's build camps, build fires, set camp and have a form of government just like the boys did but the Pygmy's live more in a society rather then the boys living free on an island doing what they want.

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