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Human Interaction with Nature and Society

            People have different views about the life. Family situations, social environments, economy, cultures and religions have great influence on how people understand about the life. Human experience also depends on people's education and position in society. An upper class person actually has different experience comparing to a person in lower class. The discrepancy leads to people's different behaviors in society. Each person has his or her own "universe" which accumulates all of his or her notions and experience in his or her life. The film Howl and Blue Like Jazz discuss about people's feeling about the life, their role in society and their belief of God. In addition, "The Gay Science and Twilight of the Idols" written by Nietzsche and "Nature" of Emerson talk about people's perception when they learn about God and the nature around them. Furthermore, Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" gives us understanding about human's progress and their responsibility to share and convey the enlightenment to those who are still in the darkness. Human experience is the intersections and collisions between individual "universes" and with the nature. These collisions lead to human progress which not only accumulate new experience, but sometimes also change people's perception about the life.
             Human's wondering about the life and nature is clearly depicted in "Nature" of Emerson. The man in "Nature" feels lonely because nobody is with him. He stands alone in the forest and looks at the sky. "The rays that come from those heavenly worlds will separate between him and what he touches" (Emerson 7). By looking at the dark sky, he realizes many important things in the life. He sees the divine light from the sky which separates his life and other lives, particles and matters in the universe. He feels like he stands in the central of universe and has interaction with everything in the life.

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