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The Man He Killed

             Thomas Hardy's poem, "The Man He Killed" is about a young man trying to make sense of war and justify his action of taking another man's life. We see this occurring in the war with Iraq. Innocent men and children are killed with killers trying to justify their actions. Families from both sides have mixed reactions about going to war and the actions that are taken in war.
             The problem is that no one can really justify war. War is a means to an end but not a solution. Wars have happened since the beginning of time (dating back to biblical times). They will always occur.
             I dont think it is possible to justify war. For centuries man has entered into war for one reason or another (following their leader) sending young men who arent really prepared for their upcoming fate into the battlefield. Only one thing is on their mind- Destroy the enemy. How can we really justify killing another? Is it for the right reasons? Should we kill someone we dont know because someone else told is to? All are good questions that we ignore when going into war.
             The poem begins with the speaker saying, "Had he and I but met/ By some old ancient inn" (1-2). This statement informs the reader that the action or event that the poem is based on has already occurred, and that the speaker is pondering over what has happened. He, the speaker, is placing himself and the man whose life he took in a calm and cozy place in his imagination, away from the harsh reality of a battlefield. He goes on to say that if he and this man had happened to meet in this imaginary calm and civilized environment that "we should have set us down to wet/ Right many a nipperkin!" (3-4). The speaker of the poem is basically saying that if he had met this man in any other situation they probably would have of sat down and had a drink together and maybe even have become friends. The use of an exclamation point at the end of line four serves to stress the speakers sense of puzzlement of what has taken place, and that he cant seem to find a way to make sense of what has happened.

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