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Man vs Nature

            Man Vs Nature is looked at in many ways, and is often not completely understood before it's commented on. Many authors give their low opinion of man as they comment on man's destructive nature, and explain how man is trying to conquer nature and control it. But the nature of the world, and man himself, is far too powerful and unpredictable to be controlled. And man is far from being close to be able to destroy it, and therefore having control of it. .
             Nature also tames man quite a bit. Natural things like the mountains, the weather, and the rivers. Those are the things that man builds around. Yet.we can't move mountains, and we can't live on rivers. .
             The weather also affects the nature of man quite a lot. However the weather is, man changes his activity accordingly. When it rains, we have accidents on the road.When it floods, so do our houses. Nature in often times is the destructor and not man. Sometimes man conquers nature, or thinks he has, but then he also knows nature is much more powerful than him, and it's that balance of trying to control nature as much as possible. Man tries to control nature as much as he can. He makes houses to protect himself from the wind; he makes dams and sewers to stop flooding from the rain, and takes other various precautions to protect himself from the harsh elements of nature. .
             It's always nature that rules in the end. Nature is simply stronger than man and technology. Man will always try to dominate nature with technology and computers, but man will never be able to dictate the direction the world is to take. The great magnitude of nature overpowers man significantly. .
             Man may be able to predict earthquakes to an extent, but he is not able to stop Mother Nature's destruction. Men have no control over nature.he can alter the course, but cannot dictate the end. .
             In Judith Wright's poem, 'The Surfer', it relates to how man likes to challenge nature and himself. The text shows the appreciation of the harsh elements of the sea, and the relationship and interaction between man and nature.

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