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Man Vs. Naure Vs.Man

             Hitler, a Nazi dictator, believed that there should be one race. During his rule World War II took place, and before and during the war Nazis were put into concentration camps and essentially murdered. In the eleventh chapter of "Mein Kampt" it explains that man passes through nature believing they know all there is to know. Hitler believed that only mice should mate with mice and the wolf with a she-wolf. This was to be the case unless an unusual circumstance came into play. This is still believed today and is a natural part of our society. If a crossing of two different species occurred, the offspring's hierarchy would be somewhere in the middle of his parents. The result of racial crossing is always as stated in the chapter:.
             1. Lowering of the level of the higher race;.
             2. Physical and intellectual regression and hence the beginning of a slowly but surely progressing sickness.
             Crossing of species or races is a sin based on Hitler's views. In the chapter it tells man's role is to conquer nature. It is an impossibility to conquer nature. Nature is our surrounding and supports our lives and bodies. Nature runs our lives. If we think we can overtake her we should be terrified of what is yet to come.
             In the chapter it says, "is only the creative product of a few people and originally perhaps of one race. On them depends the existence of this whole culture. If they perish, the beauty of this earth will wink into the grace with them." This is an assumption that one race started everything and that they are the only people who can end it. This is a logical fallacy; to believe one thing will naturally lead to another is false. It is pointless to fight over which race represented "human culture" when in all actuality we are all equal in God's eyes.

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