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Man vs. Nature

             Man Vs.
             Since the beginning of evolution, nature has played a great role in challenging .
             Mankind on a daily basis. Throughout history, man has learned to adapt to his .
             surroundings and withstand nature's obstacles. Also, with many technological advances .
             man has progressed in fighting back and preventing disasters.
             The short story "Leinengen vs. the ants" is based on the concept of the struggle between .
             humans and nature. The ants symbolize nature's disasters and the Leinengen represents human's .
             ability to overcome nature. Even when it seemed impossible for Leinengen to succeed in his .
             battle over the savage foes, he decides to defend his life, property and his workers against .
             the most difficult of circumstances.
             According to Carl Stephenson, the author of the short story "Leinengen vs. the ants," "the .
             human brain needs only to become fully aware of its powers to conquer even Nature." .
             Stephenson implies that if the human mind is used to its maximum capability it can tap into .
             unforeseen powers that can conquer seemingly insurmountable tasks dealing with nature. .
             There are instances when nature seems all-powerful, indomitable and unpredictable, .
             where no knowledge or technological advances may come in use. An example where knowledge .
             and technological advances have no use are in the occurrences of natural disasters such as .
             hurricanes, tornadoes and droughts. However, there are times where men can overcome some of .
             what nature has thrown at us by accomplishing simple tasks such as dressing up warmly.
             In conclusion, ultimately humans can conquer nature but at times it may seem impossible .
             because humanity is considered part of nature's creation. Throughout time, man will keep on .
             conquering nature because of his ability use of knowledge and advances in technology. That .
             basically evens out the struggle between mankind and nature. .

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