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Man vs. Woman

             When man's life becomes to easy we start to worry about ridiculous subjects like which gender is superior. However, when existence is threatened in a serious manner, issues like gender don't matter. If men were better than women eventually women would become obsolete, but because men need women and women need men, for no other purpose than survival of the specie, neither one is better than the other. .
             I sometimes wonder if in our infinite pride concerning our location on the food chain, we lost nature's true intention. We were born a certain way for a certain purpose. We as humans over complicate our lives to death. There is one true purpose of a specie; to survive long enough to reproduce. Man with his cars and his economics and his religion. What's the point? Why? A gay man recently and in jest, called me a "breeder" because I am straight. When you break it all the way to the basics of life's purpose, aren't we all suppose to be breeders. .
             Does asking these questions change anything? Nope. Not in the least bit. In fact it only causes more ridiculous questions. Once we start talking about man vs. woman, inevitably the homosexuality question comes up. Please don't take the rest of this the wrong way. I don't have a single problem with homosexuality. Its fine with me. But lets take a look at it, shall we? .
             Can a man and a man produce offspring? Not in any biology book I have read. So if everyone was gay, would the species survive? No it would not. So it can't really be broken down to that basic level of being, which is to continue the species. .
             Now this idea of homosexuality ties in very nicely with the topic of gender superiority. Both of these ideas come from having too much time on our hands. The wolf hunting the rabbit is considering if maybe he should be home nursing the pups and his mate out hunting, because he is to busy trying to survive. That, in my opinion, is why we have this gender superiority issue, as well as all the other issue we humans like to argue about.

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