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"Rape Fantasies" vs. "Looking at Woman"

             The following essay goes in depth about the concern for female power and if females even have any power over males. "Rape Fantasies" is written in a woman's perspective and "Looking at Woman" is written in a male's perspective. As you continue to read this essay you will see the differences that men and woman share, and how the authors differ when talking about the roles of woman today. .
             "Rape Fantasies" is an essay where a woman named Estelle is the narrator and she speaks to the reader about her life and her own rape fantasies. The fantasies are not so much rape fantasies, but fantasies of meeting different people in the wrong way. Estelle befriends the rapists and has conversations with them and this is her way of meeting different people.
             Estelle narrates this essay. She is at work with her co-workers and is listening to each one of them tell their rape fantasy stories and then goes on to tell hers too. At this point when she is telling hers, it is Friday night and she is at a bar with a complete stranger. Estelle is in her mid-thirties, roughly, and seems to have a dull, boring job. Due to the lack of excitement at her job, she creates these fantasies about men entering her life and wanting to have sex with her, but she always end up feeling sorry for that person in each fantasy. One has an acne problem and she wants to give him the name of her dermatologist and the other has a cold and she offers him some Kleenex and he ends up staying the night with her. These fantasies are created by her need to be with someone and not to be lonely. When Estelle enters the bar on a Friday night she sits at a table and begins talking about her rape fantasies with a random stranger that she meets. She reveals a lot about herself to this complete stranger and I believe that she is trying to fulfill one of her fantasies with this man. Estelle wants to have someone in her life, maybe as a friend to talk to, or maybe as a sexual partner.

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