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Film Vs. Film

             In analyzing movies in the context of how films portray distinct groups of people it becomes easy to fall into the typical analytical approach of seeking out films that use non-white groups in a way that is stereotypical and outwardly degrading, perhaps out of ignorance or exploitation for promotion. I am trying to take a different twist, by looking at two films that are trying to do the opposite. They do not just separate out certain groups to pit one against the other in either negative or reflective rhetoric. These films I am choosing are incorporating a mixture of diverse people of color within a white-culture context and "trying" to eliminate the race barriers, to promote the idea of cultural acceptance and color irrelevance. However, that is just the sugar coating, when one looks deeper each film is still reinforcing white domination and values on different cultures, and essentially promoting the melting pot ideology, that regardless of color we shall all become dominated by the Anglo-society. On top of which, both films show women as secondary and sexualized characters that should know their place in their gender roles.
             The two films I chose are School of Rock (2003) directed by Richard Linklater and written by Mike White, and The Warriors (1979) directed by Walter Hill. Two films in different eras and about totally different subjects yet when analyzing them in how they deal with portraying racial variety is very similar. I will begin with the film School of Rock. The premise is a white middle-age rock looser (Dewey) gets a job being a fraudulent substitute in an elite elementary school. He first thinks the job is a bore, but is inspired to create a rock band with the children after seeing them in music period. At first glance it is seemingly a lovely rainbow of children in the class. Black children, white, Jewish, Asian, Latino, and perhaps others. However, the stage is set, as they are an elite private school that is inside a European-style historical building.

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