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Multi-Sequeled Horror Films

             Multi-sequel horror films have greatly decreased in the amount of fright they produce. Even though they are no longer scary the population still attends them. The reason for attending them has changed over the years but none the less they still make a profitable debut at the theatre. We now attend such movies to see our favorite horror film stars mutilate their victims, the movies also contain nudity and music that attracts the younger youth. Because of new reasons to attend, these movies are still awesome and entertaining to pay to see at the theatre.
             Horror films no longer contain the necessities to induce fright. Recently Freddy Vs Jason has been released into the theatre, which is a movie where Freddy Kruegor the villain from the Nightmare on Elm Street saga uses Jason Voorhees the villain from the Friday the 13th saga to come back and haunt his town again. In the original films these characters where very scary, and it was a great thrill-seeking trip. But now, as Stephen King says "The first movie comes along and scares the bejabbers out of everyone. Then come the sequels. And as any horror-movie buff will tell you, sequels are almost never frightening." (138). This shows how most movie-buffs look at the multi sequel horror movies. King says in another quote "so why do these pictures keep on appearing for a week at the local 10-plex theatre? The answer is simple because schmucks like me keep going to see them. And why? Because the fear generated by a good horror picture is a drug, and as any junkie will tell you, you go on chasing the high long after the high is gone. Sure, Halloween: H20 sucked, we tell ourselves, but maybe the next Michael Myers flick will be made by someone who really understands and loves the genre, and we'll get a jolt of the original terror we felt when John Carpenter actually put us behind the mask, or when Jason came surging out of Crystal Lake to grab the girl in the rowboat after we thought he had to be dead.

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