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The Resurrection of the Horror

            Horror films; the last link between excitement and insanity. Our need for horror and the thrill of fear feeds our unconsciousness. Over the past century, the horror genre has evolved from the original Frankenstein in 1931, to Jaws in 1975. The horror style has changed, as well as the viewers appreciation has changed. It seems as though present day teenagers are not captivated at all by the classical horror films of this century. As a society we obsess on murder, death, and destruction; "the fun comes from seeing others menaced - sometimes killed-(King 648). The media glorifies these events and those individuals who are the cause, take for example the long followed lives of Charles Manson or Adolf Hitler. These are extremely evil people, yet we are so interested with their lives. How often is there something positive that is mentioned on the 6 o'clock news? It seems as though, that unless someone died or a building burned, people just wouldn't be interested. Stanley J. Solomon had a great view on why people are attracted by horror films, "our hidden wish to attempt everything and to survive unaltered, to get murdered without being murdered.""(671) Unfortunately, due to many of these aspects, the postmodern generation seems to be immune to violence and the classic horror genre. Classical horror films have become ineffective to the postmodern generation. Original horror movies do not promote fear in one's conscience, but acts more as a comic relief due to its content.
             Horror films have gone unnoticed for about 20 years through the eighty's and ninety's. It is not the fact that people of this time weren't interested by horror, but simply that they wanted something new, exciting, and not predictable. Jay Boyar mentions that postmodern teenagers are fed up with the same old repetitive clichés (657). The old horror films consisted of too many fake, and unrealistic scenarios.

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