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Horror movies

             The genre of horror touches one of the most devastating experiences in their mind, the nightmare. In horror movies, novels, stories, and TV series our nightmares are brought to life for us, with the safety in knowing that they can be turned off at anytime. To most avid horror fans the ability to see people killed in the most gruesome, and uncanny fashions are the true reason to go to these movies. Even if your not a avid fan, the experience in seeing death in front of you without experiencing it is a rush all in its own. What makes a good horror flick? There are many ingredients that are needed to be added to a movie to make it live up to the expectations of horror fans.
             The most important ingredient in a horror film is what the audience is supposed to actually be scared of. The source has to be superior to the human race. Whether it was a person transformed into a monster, or a monster reverted human again at the end when the killing is no longer occurring. When the source is murdering all those around him he is either supernaturally empowered or a simple supernatural creature. (Solomon) In the best horror films, the source is either destroyed completely or left with the possibility of resurrection. The monster cannot be seen to much or the viewer becomes less intimidated by it. Once the viewer has seen the monster it becomes easier to distinguish the way it can be killed.
             The murder scenes themselves have to be so gruesome, it leaves the audience asking for more. No one wants to see one person killed in a dark alley, they want to see groups of people killed in unimaginable ways in areas where only these supernatural people can pull it off. There are situations that are classic in almost all horror movies. One situation is when the victim is in the house and had no idea that the killer is also in there. They go about their regular business only to make one wrong turn and they are done for.

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