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Why We Crave Horror Movie

             "Final destination II sold over 10 million tickets in its first week in theatres. The public pays four to five dollars to seat themselves in the ninth or tenth row to experience a really good horror movie, which is daring to bring us a nightmare. Would you say we as a society are trying to experience a roller costar ride without all the loop and turns or would you just saw were mentally ill?.
             Although Steven King says people crave horror movies to get rid of their hysterical fear. For human society, horror movies are more than just a craving or roller coaster ride; it's an adventure, an event and a way to release yourself.
             The adventure of horror movies allow you to experience as a roller coaster, just in a mental way. Horror movies bring you the experience as a roller coaster, just in a mental way. Horror movies allow experiencing the ride without getting on. A good horror movie may not give you the surprise scream you want like a roller coaster, but it will take your mind through some three-hundred sixty degree twist and turns. Horror movies have always been some thing special, they intend to take away the shades of gray, and make you see things in black and white. On the other hand maybe horror movies are meant to provide psychic relief of to let us extend our madness.
             As horror movies progresses they make you think; do you want the good guy or bad guys to prevail. In the words of Stephen King we become "Potential Lynchers" as the movie roll longer. When you start to exercise physical activity and body movement, it leads you to think and wonder if you still at the movies or participating in a sporting event.
             While being entertained by horror movies you keep you hysterical fear bottled up inside. But every now and then we have to let out the scared emotions that we have bottled up with a shout, scream, jump or just a physical movement. As our emotions of fear form in our body we realize the demand to exercise them.

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