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Scary Truth

             Horror movies and urban legends are as essential to today's society as baseball and reality T. It is simple to see the purpose and enjoyment one would get out of watching baseball and reality T.V. However it is very unclear why we enjoy watching horror movies or like to tell urban legends. Are we to believe that some people are just demoniac in nature or is it something more? Is their a purpose to these legends of horror, or are they just merely tales to help pass the time and scare a few during the ride?.
             Stephen King says in his essay Why We crave Horror Movies, "I think we"re all mentally ill; those of us outside the asylums only hide it a little better-and maybe not all that much better, after all." This statement directly relates to the purpose and to the lore of horror movies. The simplest explanation is that people are insane. Theirs nothing wrong with this idea, everyone has their little zany outburst at one time or another. People enjoy seeing others menaced, and befittingly enough by some ghoulish monster. Now what kind of a person would enjoy seeing others have to endure terrible deaths? Well I an eighteen year old white male for one enjoy watching horror movies. Does this make me any different from anyone else? No, people of all ages and all races can enjoy viewing horror movies. The themes that lie behind the horror movie relate to everyone. .
             You can say it's a universal truth that everyone has unpleasant thoughts that would go against everything that a civilized society stands for. The horror movie is stated to be "innately conservative, even reactionary." All of society's children are born with a dark side. Rather then shy away from this idea, people decided to make it a market. The market is the standard horror flick. People pay their nine dollar admission fee to see the grossum and have fun. People are willing to pay the price because they need to see emotions on the big screen that are normally not demonstrated in everyday life.

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