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Problems In The Brethern Church

            For the last 5 years I have been involved in Brethren Camps and for the last two I have been in leadership roles in all four of the district camps as well as spending time with different Brethren Congregations. During this time I have met a lot of people and have many lasting friendships. Due to several things I feel led to minister to these people, and hopefully help bring the denomination back into the Truth of Jesus Christ. So, now I would like to share with you some of my thoughts and experiences.
             First of all, I"d like to share with you some of the positive, biblical things going on in the Brethren Denomination:.
             They are reaching out to the needy.
             They strongly promote peace.
             They encourage that we love everyone .
             Unfortunately they also encourage that we accept everything, everyone else is doing. Which leads me into some of the lies I've heard at Brethren gatherings.
             Whatever you believe is ok for you, we can all have our own truths.
             A loving God would not allow anyone to go to hell.
             You cannot take the Bible literally.
             As long as what you do does not hurt someone else it is not a sin.
             In my opinion, The biggest thing dying in the Brethren Church is the truth. The scary thing is that a lot of Brethren congregations are bringing in new people, and attendance at camps and other youth activities is going up. This is partly due to the churches great devotion to service. The Brethren Church is constantly reaching out and serving. It appears as though many believe that they can serve their way into heaven. It is also apparent that tolerance is far more important than the truth. Satan is working his way in and disguising the truth. He is making falsehood look like righteousness, and for the most part the Brethren Church is buying into it, and why not? It's easy, It allows for people to indulge in sinful pleasures, to live how they want to. What saddens me the most is that those who know the truth rarely try to spread it.

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