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Church and state

            About a year and a half ago, our president said on national television that we are on a crusade. This comment is the reason this paper has been written, it brought to issue the subject of the separation of church and state. What is church and state, you ask, let the author explain. The term church and state is when the affairs of the church and the affairs of the ruling government coincide with one another. As for example, when Constantine the Great became Christian, the Roman Empire was ruled with the influence of the Christian church. The first settlers of Virginia, before it was a part of America, had certain laws made by the ruling Christian church. One of the laws was "To speak impiously of the Trinity or one of the Divine Persons, or against the known articles of Christian faith, was punishable with death." We will not be put to death by speaking god's name. No longer will the affairs of people's beliefs be shuffled into the business of running the country. These were the cries of a budding America. We no longer wanted to be subjected to the laws and beliefs of a person who says it is god's will, especially when they are not your own belief's. There is a large problem with the mixing of these two institutions. The separation of church and state is a figment of our imaginations. On television or in the paper everyday the president of the United Sates of America sitting in church or saying that god should have mercy on something. This does not lead to believe that religion has nothing to do with the way this country is run. As children, we were led to believe that the beliefs of the church and the matters of government were to be kept separate. With a country as large and diverse in culture and religion, how we can possibly give one church the power to set standards is beyond comprehension. The separation of church and state is still a problem within our government, and we need to do something about it.

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