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Homosexuality and the Catholic Church

             An individual's sexuality is very unique to their character. It helps to define who they are as a person and in many instances it shapes their views and beliefs. The Catholic Church defines homosexuality as, "a condition in which erotic fantasy, attraction, and arousal is predominantly directed toward one's own sex."" It is the position of the Catholic Church that homosexual attraction is not chosen but rather innate, and therefore the orientation in itself is not a sin. The Catholic Church does however condemn any act of a homosexual nature and thus holds the opinion that homosexual activity is morally wrong. The Church's traditional teaching on the issue is based upon Scriptural passages. The scope of the issue, more specifically homosexual marriage, is prohibited by the Catholic Church both locally and globally. Homosexual acts lead to the dissolution of marriage as a sacred entity and, all together, the disruption of society. Everyday people are faced with challenges. The homosexual person is no exception. They are called by God to discern their orientation and to act positively, and morally through their lifestyle. Society as a whole is also presented with challenges. Daily they are challenged to accept homosexuality by the granting of basic human rights such as respect and dignity to these individuals. Homosexuals and the society within which they live are encouraged by the Church to live harmoniously and to act justly in accordance with God's plan for each one of us.
             The Church is very clear in it's teachings regarding homosexuality. Homosexual acts are considered by the Church to be unnatural. To live this orientation in a sexual manner is morally wrong. It prohibits procreation and consequently rejects God. Magisterial Church teaching states that, "homosexual genital relations are objectively immoral because they lack an indispensable finality, namely the procreation function of sexuality; the openness to new life- (Declaration on Certain Questions Concerning Sexual Ethics).

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