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Separation of Church and State/

            Has the separation of church and state gone too far?.
             Instances with the modern courts today has forcably separated church and state. They have proceeded to put up a huge wall between the two and letting nothing go pass that wall. These rulings mostly occur in the matter of education. Perhaps because most people believe education to be the key to good morals and dignity of the society "to be" in the future. But has courts today gone too far with the separation of church and state?.
             In Nebraska, a young boy was prohibited by his teacher from reading his bible silently during free time. In some public schools, teachers were barred from showing a movie concerning the settlement of Jamestown, because the film contained scenes of the settlers erecting a cross at the settlement. "Separation of church and state," when applied to education also means that prayer at a graduation ceremony would be unconstitutional. It means that students and teahers may not pause for a moment out of their day for silent prayer. These are only a few of the incidents in which the courts have separated church and state.
             What one should understand is that "separation of church and state" is not actually a law. The idea is more of a legal concept, that has been implemented by the courts over years. This concept, has been used and is still being used to effectively get rid of religion from the public education environments. Originally our government had planned to accommodate to the religions. It was to be encouraged in fact. For example, President George Washington was asked by congress to give a thanksgiving proclamation after the Bill of Rights was completed. However, with the courts in America today, that would have been considered unconstitutional and would have went against the concept of separation of church/state. But, when George Washington issued that national speech, do you think he had any concerns that he was mixing religion with government? NO.

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