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Literature vs. Film

            Literature can, at times, have a fascinating connection with film. In some cases, it is evident that the two are intertwined in many more ways than the average person may realize. Whether it is a film or a piece of literature, both are written by someone that wants to impact readers or a viewing audience. With that being said, it is always a question of whether or not the author accomplished his or her goal and if the audience was impacted in the way he or she wanted. Is this intent prevalent to the audience and is the author's intent predetermined before the film or book is taken in by the audience? How the author can shape the reader or viewer and whether or not they can interpret things for themselves is another factor that must be examined when trying to answer this question. Another question that is often thought of is how power is depicted through film or literature in terms of not only sex and gender, but in class, race, nationality, etc. In again both film and literature power is a very important factor in most good story lines. In seems to be that reality does not have much intervention when it comes to characterizations of the leading roles. Although at times the true reality of who these characters would really be and the way their lifestyle or upbringing is depicted, it is usually more intriguing to everyone if the author forges the truth by making these characters appealing to read about or watch on the big screen. Both topics are very interesting to discuss with the use of examples from literature and films such as Hannibal and The Handmaid's Tale, which are two stories that have very clear themes that run parallel to the above themes.
             In the movie Hannibal, it is clear that the leading character Hannibal Lector comes from an aristocratic background and a wealthy upbringing. He is full of class and prestigious ness that makes his character as a serial killer with horrific killing methods, not seem that likely.

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