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Boston Breakers

            The Women's United Soccer Association is the world's premiere women's professional league. The Boston Breakers is one the WUSA teams. Karin Piscitelli, Director of Marketing and Sales of the Boston Breakers, came to our Sport's Marketing class and gave us a speech about the Boston Breakers. .
             Piscitelli reported that many of the players in the WUSA were top athletes from the U.S. women's national team and national teams abroad. Therefore, the WUSA is the best league in the world. So this reminds me of the U.S. basketball "dream team," the best basketball team in the world when legends like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and Karl Malone played on one team. The "dream team" attracted many people to come to see them. Therefore, with the top soccer players in the world, consumers' awareness of the WUSA will be high, so the WUSA has the best products to attract consumers to see their performances. .
             The Boston Breakers has dual marketing targets. One is girls ages 10-18, and another is families (parents ages 35-54). WUSA effectively reaches the American families. Their tickets are less expensive than MLB, NBA and NFL tickets. For example, if a father and his son, two people, go to a Red Socks game will almost cost the same when a family of four people goes to a Boston Breakers game. Therefore, the WUSA games are being attended by parents and kids as a family activity (25% of attendees are ages from 6-20 and 57% of attendees are ages from 25-50). Other important strategies are "word of mouth" and public relations. These two are free advertising for the Boston Breakers but the Breakers need to provide good, entertaining games for their consumers. Thus, the goal for the WUSA is to provide fun for families and have good performances. .
             The WUSA is a unique opportunity in the market. In the pervious year, they had an average of 8100 fans per game, and 79% of fans said that they would attend more WUSA games in the future.

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