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             Adversity can lead to futility, or spawn creativity. As history has always shown, society's oppressed adapt, and make the best out of the worst situations. MCing, Grafitti, D-Jaying, and B-boying, were all created in the Bronx. All of these art forms would become the building blocks and core elements of the Hip-Hop culture. As Hip-Hop's popularity grew, the fascination with breaking began to spread. Films such as Wild Style, Style Wars, Beat Street, and Breakin', propelling the elements, and compelling outsiders with no understanding of the culture to explore this "new" phenomena. As break dancing became popular, crews like Rock Steady became world famous. Mr. Wiggles was and still remains a part of the legendary crew of B-boys. .
             "I used to was break back in 1976.77'. And when I started breakin' then, it was already big. It had already been going on since seventy-two or seventy. I was like the only Puerto Rican breakin' for a while. I was local though, I wasn't famous. I was just literally known on my block. And what kills me, what people don't know, is that breakin' died in 78' in the Bronx. Breakin' just totally played out. Late 78' early 79', I remember going to a Cold Crush jam on the block, jumping in the crowd, and people looking like, who is that Puerto Rican doing that old sh*t? I really knew from that point on that this sh*t ain't going nowhere. I never did it again, I was so embarrassed." Wiggles explained, laughing at the incident. .
             To Wiggles surprise, breakin' became popular again, only a few short years later. After hangin' out and displaying his talents on the block, he was asked to became a part of Rock Steady. .
             "Rock Steady was a crew in every sense of the word. You gotta hang, you gotta be down for everything. Whether it be fighting, chilling, dancing. Ultimately, they look at your skills, and be like, Yo, come by the neighborhood. That's how it happened with me. I just popped up around 97th, 98th and Amsterdam.

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