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Defaults in the English Language

             English is a continuously changing medium because since its conception, it has always been altered. Unlike animal languages and those of other languages, English is infinite, despite the rules and regulations that aid in its bounding nature. With the rules of combinations and stimulus free results, English is composed of a multitude of words, phrases, and new meanings. Each which allow for unlimited application. In addition, a majority of English is composed of borrowings from many other languages and the changing of phonemes. Thus, the current spelling of a word is a historical record that derives it's meaning from the past.
             One such historical record can be found in the language of Ebonics. Ebonics is a form that derived its conception from the composition of two cultures. Known as a form of slang to most, Ebonics happens to be colloquialism. For example, the word "phat" is derived from the word "fat". However, the meaning has been metaphorically changed and now complies with the slang meaning "great, nice looking." The word "fat" has been transformed so that the "f" sound comes from the word elephant, producing the same resulting sound as in fat. Another form of English colloquialism is slang. Another example includes webspeak, which is more known in modern times than anytime before. With our world continuing to enlarge in technology, new words need to be derived in order to fit with the expansion. Such examples of webspeak include L7, L8R, or plainly the prefix e-. The main reason for using numbers in words today is to shorten words. It offers a quick way to write a word. L7, when shown by fingers or sign language is used to describe something that is square, or boring. L8R if read properly connotes to later. In this word, you have the "l" sound, followed by the word eight, which the number signifies and then the "r" sound. (words taken from www.slangsite.com). Due to this spelling transformation of sounds, a new word is formed, as well as a new meaning.

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