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The One

            My sixteenth birthday is October 30th. It was only June, and one of those extremely hot summer days. I usually hate those types of days, when all you want to do is sit in the air conditioning. This day was different; I couldn't wait to get outside. My incredibly generous mom was taking me to pick out my new car wait, Explorer. .
             Everyone told my mom she shouldn't buy me a new car, and she was crazy if she did. She didn't care what anyone said, but made up her own mind. She didn't want me stranded on the side of the road. A break down would mean she would have to come get me, however, her busy schedule wouldn't allow that. She wanted me to have a reliable and dependable car that she could trust, and trust me in. .
             Her first idea was a Mustang. Now I was thrilled with this idea and had no intentions of complaining. Her boyfriend, Alex didn't really like the idea since they aren't practical for winter. I could understand where he was coming from, and I knew personally that I felt better in bigger vehicles in all four seasons. .
             We went to Buss Ford in McHenry and I heard a voice. A beautiful island blue, two door, Ford Explorer Sport, was yelling "drive me, drive me". I couldn't resist. An immediate test drive was necessary. Without hesitation, I flew to my mom and told her I found The One. She just smirked and followed me. When we arrived next to the car, she glanced at the price and said, "All right, let's go on a test drive." Excitement zipped through my body. .
             Here I was in my future car. I had to do everything just right. Check mirrors, adjust seat, all of the basics. Then the test drive began. My nervousness must not have shown, because things were going great. The conclusion of the test was approaching, but I wasn't ready. I wanted to stay in this car forever. I loved it! I wanted it!.
             When we arrived back at Buss Ford, no more time was needed. My mind was made up, and my heart was set.

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