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Film Analysis#1: Dirty Dancing

             Dirty Dancing is a romance movie that includes a love story that takes place in a resort called the Kellerman's Mountain House. The protagonists are Johnny Castle and Francis "Baby" Houseman. Johnny Castle is a dancer at the resort which Baby stays in. He is part of the entertainment staff and is seen as a lower classman. Baby is a young girl that has come to this resort with her father, Dr. Jack Houseman, along with her sister Luisa, and her mother Vivian. Her sister is overly girly and her only concern is looking pretty and getting guys. Baby is a smart daddy's little girl, that idolized her father as the best man in the world.
             The story begins with Baby giving a brief introduction of the time she was in, her father, where they were going and her current plans for the future. She mentions that it was the Summer of 1963, which explains the music heard and the clothing worn. In the first scene the viewer is introduced to Max Kellerman the owner of the resort in which Baby and her family were staying in for the summer. We also meet Billy who we later find out is Johnny's cousin. The second scene is Baby and her family taking Merengue class with Penny, whom used to be a rocket.
             Baby wanders off to look around and discovers that Max's main intent was to make the waiters show the daughters a good time so that they could want to return and make good business. Here she also meets Johnny and sees how Max treats him like a lower classman. Dr. Houseman wants Baby to be with Max's son Neil, whom is extremely smart and successful. She is somewhat repulsed by him. When in the ballroom Baby sees Penny and Johnny, whom are dance partners do a mambo dance. She becomes extremely intrigued by their incredible dancing ability. The conflict begins when Neil and Baby decide to get something to eat and Baby sees Penny in the corner of the kitchen sitting on the floor and crying. She quickly gets Neil to leave before he sees her and runs to get Billy so that he could get Johnny.

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