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The Dirty Dozen and The Filthy Thirteen

            In the film "The Dirty Dozen,"" and the documentary "The Filthy Thirteen,"" there are certainly some similarities and differences between the characters, storylines, information displayed. For example, a prime difference between "The Dirty Dozen " and "The Filthy Thirteen " is the characters in the film and the real men from the documentary. Although many people think the film is based on the real Filthy Thirteen, the author of "The Dirty Dozen, " the book upon which the film is based, claims that the characters in the book/film are not at all based on Jake McNiece and his group of unruly comrades. In the film, the famed "Dirty Dozen " are convicts who attempt a suicide mission in lieu of their death sentences or prison terms. Jake McNiece and his men were simply energetic young men serving their country the best way they knew how. .
             Another big difference between the film and the real men in the documentary is the style in which the men are led. In "The Dirty Dozen, " the convicts are led by Major Reisman, a man who had a tendency to ignore authority. He has to use discipline in order to bring his nonconformist men together, and when he finally establishes a connection between his men, he rewards them with hookers! In the case of Jake McNiece and the "Filthy Thirteen, " the boys were mischievous in nature, but didn't refuse to work together, nor did they need any coaxing to get along. They rewarded themselves with trips into nearby towns to see women when they had the chance, but they were far from the convicts in the film. .
             A third difference between "The Dirty Dozen"" and "The Filthy Thirteen" " is the general demeanor of the soldiers. Jake McNiece enjoyed mischief, and often thought outside the box. He worked hard to defend his country and his comrades. When Jake painted his face and chaved a Mohawk, his comrades followed suit. They remained loyal and attempted to be positive throughout the brutality of war.

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