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Dirty Dancing

            Hello, My talk today is going to be on a video I really enjoy, "Dirty Dancing".
             Dirty Dancing was brought out in 1988 on the 6th of January. The film was made for people of all ages mainly woman, but the film even thought it was made that long ago still appeals to young people these days.
             The film was based around a lady called Eleanor Bergsteil's memories of when she went on holiday when she was younger with her parents, when they went to a holiday camp.
             Dirty Dancing was directed by Emile Ardolino who also directed films like Sister act.
             The film is set in the summer of 1963 and is about a girl falling in love with a talented dance instructor.
             The film begins when Francis Houseman better known as Baby, played by Jennifer Grey going on holiday to a summer camp with her parents and sister, Lisa. At the hotel Kellerman's in Catshills there is nothing which appeals to Baby until she finds the Staffs quarters, where she meets troublesome dance teacher, Johnny Castle, played by Patrick Swayze, and his dancing Partner, Penny, played by Cynthia Rhodes and there friends.
             In the film Penny gets her self into a bit of bother after going forward for an illegal abortion, and isn't able to carry on for a show so Baby ends up taking her place and learning dances which she never thought she could do and falling in love with handsome dance teacher Johnny.
             Baby's father gets to know of the abortion and her seeing Johnny and warns her away, but she carries on seeing him.
             In the film Johnny feels as though he is nothing and that is why he is treated like nothing but good hearted Baby makes him realise he is more than that.
             Near the end of the film Johnny is framed to have stole someone's wallet and Baby backs him up, which was the truth but then he gets fired for seeing a quest. .
             The end of the film has a good lead up to the part of the film which I find the best. Johnny comes back in the end and interrupts the finale reunion of the guests and takes Baby up onto the stage and they dance the steps him and his friend's dance which aren't approved of, but is enjoyed in the end.

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