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Strictly Ballroom- Scene Study

             The impact of the slow motion section in this scene is very strong. It creates a very elegant atmosphere; we envisage them entering a grand ballroom to dance among only the very elite people. The black and white silhouettes disguise the bright conspicuous colour allowing us to imagine striking yet understated dresses and colour. The Blue Danube waltz music is used to portray a very classy and dramatic feeling, also to get the idea of ballroom dancing across to the audience.
             2.The message conveyed by the preparations of the dancers is that they are preparing for something of great importance, a very significant event. Their facial expressions show the excitement of what's to come and that they might be slightly nervous.
             3.Shirley Hastings - We are first introduced to Shirley in the opening scene; the ballroom dancing competition, when she blatantly screams out in a ghastly voice, "Come one couple number one hundred". She is dressed frightfully and is wearing extreme amounts of tasteless make-up. .
             Barry Fife - Barry Fife is the typical villain of the story. He is a large frightening old man, who appears to be very unapproachable. We see him sitting in the stands with his unattractive cheap looking wife, he has red sweaty cheeks and "appears" to be wearing a very conspicuous toupee. .
             Scott Hastings -Scott is an incredible dancer with amazing talent and athletic ability. Our first meeting with Scott is when he is on the dance floor with his partner Liz. They are dancing beautifully until there is some conflict with another couple and Scott does the unthinkable and begins to dance his own flashy "crowd pleasing" steps. Scott does not like to be pushed around or told what to do from others, he is confident and believes in himself. Regardless of what is considered correct, Scott does as he feels.
             Ken Railings - Ken Railings is viewed in the movie as a drunk to some and a "Ballroom King" to others. He is a very good dancer when sober yet he is drunk the majority of the time.

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